Build your first neural network.
Dr. Andrew Ng and our team of instructors will guide you on a 3-week journey, starting with the fundamentals of coding in Python and culminating in a functioning neural net!
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AI Applications and Computer Science
Andrew Ng
Professor at Stanford University, Founder of Coursera, and world-leading AI expert.
Online or In-person
3 Weeks, 2h/day
About the course
Part career-exploration, part-skill building, students are inspired by the applications of artificial intelligence, and learn the fundamentals of building artificial intelligence through programming supported by experienced software engineers and computer scientists.
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Topics covered
  • Artificial Intelligence in Everyday Life
  • The Fundamentals of Programming in Python
  • and more...
Why AI and CS?
As technologies such as Artificial Intelligence accelerate the rate of change in the world, it is critical that students learn the fundamentals of computer science to not only better understand how technology is impacting them, but to help them shape their world and make it a better place.
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